November reviews

Hello all,

I am hoping that I can get more done this month than last month.  Our family doesn’t really celebrate Thanksgiving.  We were supposed to go to my adoptive Mom’s house in Tennessee, I have been really ill for a few months, so we won’t be going.  I am hoping that I can at least get 12 book reviews done.  I always try to set a goal for my work.  I know that there are books that were free on Amazon that I read when was sick, I will get them reviewed.  I am hoping to get all the books I have read reviewed before the end of the year.

Thank you for joining me on my Journey.

Celtic  (Cori)

The Dream Jumper’s Pursuit By Kim Hornsby

The Dream Jumper’s trilogy by Kim Hornsby

Keeper Vs Reaper by Jennifer Malone Wright

Black Widow by Jenni Moen

Heartblaze 1: Vampire Soul by Shay Roberts


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